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Deja Nu

Collectables CD # COL 2794

ITZ BAK - The Official Site

Hi Steve:

I has been hired by Dion to create an Official Web Site. It's been very exciting for me to work with Dion.

The web site will be at

The Official Launch will be in a couple of weeks. It will include photos from Dion's personal collection and tour dates for 2001.

We are retiring and will not be using the domain name at this time.

Please pass this message along to all Dion fans and Club Members.



My reply


I'm sure most fans like myself will welcome the new official website .

I will be more than happy to publicise your site and would be happy if you did the same in return.

I run the unofficial fan site and have always stressed that both on the site and when any fans try to mail me thinking i'm the man himself.

My site does a lot of good to publicise Dion and it would be good if we could work together in future. Just recently we campaigned to get Shu Bop regularly played on radio world wide and thats the sort of job an unofficial site does so much better.

We allso have the most comprehensive discography and timeline that you are welcome to share with us.

Just an example we have a site notice board where fans regularly chat. Would Dion be interested in meeting us there to publicise his new site and Box set ? Just name the date and time?

Anyway i look forward to our co-operation in the future


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  • 27/10/00