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Dion DiMucci - Cover Songs

Think you've collected every track by Dion and completed your collection - wrong - that is unless you've collected all the cover versions of his songs.

This is our 1st attempt to do that job - it consists of other artists singing the songs he wrote or covering his hits .

  • 10 girls ago-graham parker
  • Teenager In Love
  • born to be with you
  • Feeling No Pain/ who cares
  • abraham, martin and john
  • josie
  • My girl in the month of may
  • if i can just get through the night
  • The Road I'm on Gloria
  • Your Own Backyard
  • Born to Cry
  • Golden Sun Silver Moon
  • Swinging Street
  • Son of Dion
  • Run Arround Sue
  • I wonder why
  • Lovers who wander
  • Ruby Baby
  • Kenny Rankin Baby Goodbye b/w Soft Guitar
  • Kenny Rankin Baby Knowing I Won't go back There

    Have i missed anything - almost certainly - email me updates or comments good or bad

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  • I wonder why

  • Chiffons

  • Sha Na Na

  • Showaddywaddy - UK hit

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    Lovers who wander

    Warren Gradus - later member of the Belmonts

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    The Dion song appeared on the You're not alone album and was covered by UK's primary boogie band Status Quo.

    So what do they do with it - well converted it it from sensitive folk song to boogie - what else ! Although it has a Dimucci credit i can find very little simularity to the original?

    Not being happy with having a bash at Josie the Quo went back and had a poke at the Wanderer- see below

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    My girl in the month of may

    In my view the best cover version of any Dion song. It was covered by a pick up UK folk rock group called the Bunch on the Album Rock On.

    The lead vocal is by Richard Thompson . He is belived to have picked up on the song when he was playing in 1967/8 with Fairport Convention at Londons Prog/psyche club - Middle Earth - a turntable favorite there

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    THE WANDERER is a song written by Earnie Maresca but a big hit for D and covered by many:

  • Status Quo - a UK hit

  • Beach Boys- Dennis Wilson on lead vocal

  • Bob Dylan and Paul Simon -

    performed twice in Concert in 1999 - 1 version is a stand alone Wanderer while the other is paired with That'll be the day - is this Dylan acknowleding his 1st contact with Dion when he turned up to play keyboards for Bobby Vee on the Winter Dance party tour of 1959?

    As for the quality its up to Dylans usual grumbling standard!

  • Dave Edmunds - Has done it at least twice - once with his band and once with Brian Adams - both are great rockers , preserving the spirit of the original

  • Eddie Rabbit - A US country hit - sounds much like the original to me?

  • Ted Herold - recorded as Ich Bin ien wanderer - turned into a German drinking song and a hit all over europe at the time - great

  • Gary Glitter - 70's UK RNR revivalist

  • Leif Garrett - Labeled by the editor of the old Yo Frankie Fanzine - the worst ever Dion cover - a little harsh - maybe?

  • Arthur Alexander - now primarily remembered for his songs covered by the Beatles and Stones - but here he is doing a workman like cover from an early 60's album

  • Del Shannon

  • Delbert Mcclinton - definitly different

  • Sha na na - Hated by Dion but a fairly happy sing a long version that sent many fans searching for the original.

  • Social distortion - Wander goes heavy metal!

  • Foreign Intrigue record "Henry Kissinger"'s the wanderer

  • Earnie Maresca - The original demo with slightly different lyrics sung by the writer is now out on his Ace CD The Original Wanderer

    imposters - different songs - same name

  • Donna Summer

  • Jonny Cash /U2

  • in France Claude Francois did a cover named "Le Vagabond".

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    10 girls ago-graham parker

    Not really a cover because its an orginal Parker song - but it qualifies because of the reference in the title to the Long lost film 10 girls ago that Dion co-stared in and never saw the light of day - was it really that bad - wouldn't we like to know?

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    Teenager In Love

    The 1st international hit for Dion and the Belmonts - so it suffered from many local cash in covers at that time:

  • Cliff Richard also did an unreleased cover

  • Dickie Valentine - UK TV personality

  • Marty Wild gets to 2 in UK chart

  • Craig Douglas gets to 13 in UK charts

  • Four Preps parodied "Teenager in Love" as part of "More Money For You and Me",

  • Helen Shapiro

  • Bob Marley and the Wailers (lead vocal Jun. Braithwaite)- Ska version

  • donny osmond - extremly wimpish version

  • sha nan na - see also their other Dion songs

  • less than jake - punk cover

  • Alley Cats - rockabilly cover

  • Fishing for Compliements- 90's hi tec pop cover

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    born to be with you

    Originally a hit for the Chordettes in the late 50's. Revived by Dion and Dave Edmunds in the mid 70's - not sure who was 1st- Edmunds had a UK hit with it - has a double connection here Edmunds being Yo Frankies producer

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    Feeling No Pain/ who cares

    These were recorded by the Del Satins - Dions Columbia backing group - They were produced and Co-written by Dimucci

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    abraham, martin and john

  • US chart hit cover by Moms Mabley
  • Cliff Richard

  • Trisha Yearwood and Brian McKnight covered (or tried to cover) "AMJ" at the "America's Millennium" concert in Washington, DC

  • Marvin Gaye - a UK hit and said to be the inspiration for his album Whats Going on

  • leonard Nimoy and William Shatner - goes to places no man would want to go..

  • Marillion - UK prog rock revivalists

  • kenny rogers

  • harry belafonte

  • Dick Holler, the guy who wrote the song ("AMJ"), recorded a version in 1970, on Atlantic Records

  • tom clay

  • smokey robinson and the miracles

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    if i can just get through the night

  • Phobe Snow

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    The Road I'm on Gloria

    Obscure Dion B side recorded in a demo studio by Marc Bolan (later of T Rex fame) then called Marc Feld

    There are 2 or 3 of his demo versions in circulation

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    Your Own Backyard

    Mott the Hoople were an early 70's UK prog group (i must say pretty awful when i saw them live ) . But lead singer Ian Hunter takes Dimucci's confessional song and turns it into an out take from Dylans Blonde on Blonde sessions - theres also a live version recorded at the BBC which i've yet to hear

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    Born to Cry

    Jonnie Thunders previosly with New York punk group the New York Dolls records a brilliant rockin' version of this song

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    Golden Sun Silver Moon

    Jonny Rivers recorded this Dion gospel song (On the long deleted LP NOT A THROUGH STREET (Priority BJU 38439) 1983 ) before D released it - Its quite pleasant but my preferance is the writers version?

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    Swinging Street

    Said to have been recorded by Ronnie Dio of 70's heavy metal fame - I've yet to hear it - or was it a wind up?

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    Son of Dion

    A chap who claimed to be the son of Dion recorded a whole album of his "dads" hits - but whatever jeans Dion did supply it certainly wasn't in the vocal chords area!

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    Runarround Sue

  • Doug Sheldons cover of "Sue" hits 36 in UK

  • Del shannon

  • Sha Na Na

  • Leif Garrett gets to US #13 on the Top 40

  • Marcels

  • Racey's cover of "Sue" hits UK 13

  • disco version by Paul Ellis 12",7" and DUB

  • tin fish - punk version

  • Doo wop shop - do i need to say more?

    Sue Reply songs:

  • "Stay at Home Sue," by Girl group - sounds like original backing - from Laurie

  • "Runaround Sue's Getting Married" (written by Chip Colby) by a Danny Jordan.On the United Artists Records (#491)

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    Ruby Baby

    My reservation with this song is it was a hit in the 50's for the Drifters:

    Beach Boys

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    Kenny Rankin Baby Goodbye b/w Soft Guitar

    Another early single Produced and arranged by Dion - on the Columbia Lable 4-42881

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    Kenny Rankin Baby Knowing I Won't go back There

    Columbia 45 from 1963 and Dion song "Knowing I Won't go back There" b/w "There'll be no other love for Me" - Who produced?

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