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compiled by Doug Schenker.

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    * = Dion & the Belmonts

    [The following are just some of the re-issues and compilations]

    24 ORIGINAL CLASSICS 1958-1978

    Arista CD#A2CD-8206 (1989) [anthology]

    songs: I Wonder Why*/A Teenager In Love*/Where or When*/Lonely Teenager/ Tell Me Why [The Belmonts]/Runaround Sue/The Wanderer/(I Was) Born To Cry)/Lovers Who Wander/Little Diane/Love Came To Me/Sandy/Ruby Baby/This Little Girl/Can't We Be Sweethearts/Donna The Prima Donna/Drip Drop/I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound [single version]/ Abraham, Martin & John/Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms)/Sanctuary/Your Own Back Yard/The Wanderer [live from Reunion album]*/Heart Of Saturday Night


    Ace UK CD # CDCH 915 (1988 & 1998)[UK release]

    songs: Runaround Sue [alternate]/Lonely Teenager/The Kissin' Game/Havin' Fun/ Little Miss Blue/The Wanderer [alternate]/Tonight Tonight/My One And Only Love/ P.S. I Love You/One For My Baby/Close Your Eyes/Northeast End Of The Corner/ Runaround Sue [take 4, NOT the regular version]/ Little Diane [no kazoo]/In A Room/Ain't That Better Baby/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Moon River/Crying/After The Dance/ Somebody Nobody Wants/Heaven Help Me/I'm Gonna Make It Somehow/Could Somebody Take My Place Tonight


    Laurie CD # 3 CD 105 (1989) [Anthology of Dion & the Belmonts + Dion solo hits]

    Songs: A Teenager In Love*/Runaround Sue/No One Knows*/Sandy/The Wanderer/Where Or When*/Every Little Thing I Do*/(I Was) Born To Cry/When You Wish Upon A Star*/Love Came To Me/The Majestic/Don't Pity Me*/Lonely Teenager/Lovers Who Wander/A Lover's Prayer*/In The Still Of The Night*[Cole Porter song]/Little Diane/I Wonder Why*

    DION & THE BELMONTS REUNION Live at Madison Square Garden 1972*

    Rhino CD#R2 70228 (1989) [reissue of 1973 LP]

    [group reunited for one evening June 2, 1972]

    songs: Introduction/I Wonder Why/A Teenager In Love/The Wanderer/No One Knows/Ruby Baby/Drip Drop/That's My Desire/Where Or When/Runaround Sue/Little Diane [Abraham, Martin & John was performed by Dion that night, but not included on the album]


    Lifesong CD # DZS-049 (1990)[reissue of the 1978 LP with bonus tracks]

    Songs: Heart of Saturday Night/Midtown American Main Street Gang/You've Awakened Something In Me/Guitar Queen/The Pattern Of My Lifeline/(I Used To Be A) Brooklyn Dodger/Streetheart Theme/The Power Of Love Within/Spanish Harlem Incident/Do You Believe In Magic?/bonus tracks-We Don't Talk Anymore/Street Mama/All Quiet On 34th Street


    Ace UK/Lifesong CD # CDCH 936 (1990)[UK release]

    songs: [the Return of the Wanderer album from 1978] Lookin' For The Heart Of Saturday Night [entitled Heart of Saturday Night on LP]/Midtown American Main Street Gang/You've Awakened Something In Me/Guitar Queen/The Pattern Of My Lifeline/(I Used To Be A) Brooklyn Dodger/ Streetheart Theme/The Power Of Love Within/Spanish Harlem Incident/Do You Believe In Magic/ [the previously unreleased 1979 Fire In The Night album starts here] Fire In The Night/We Don't Talk Anymore/ Hollywood/ Midnight Lover/Street Mama/All Quiet On 34th Street/You Are My Star/Poor Boy


    Ace UK CD # CDCH 945 (1990 & 1998)[UK release]

    songs: When You Wish Upon A Star*/In The Still Of The Night [Cole Porter song*]/ A Lover's Prayer*/My Private Joy*/My Day*/Swinging On A Star*/Every Little Thing I Do [not on original LP issue]*/All The Things You Are*/It's Only A Paper Moon*/ Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)*/I'm Through With Love*/When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along*/September Song*/Faith [not on original LP issue]*/[This is where the Alone With Dion album starts] Lonely Teenager/After The Dance/P.S. I Love You/Save The Last Dance For Me/Little Miss Blue/Havin' Fun/Heaven Help Me [not on the original LP issue] /Close Your Eyes/ Fools Rush In/My One And Only Love/Northeast End Of The Corner/One For My Baby/Then I'll Be Tired Of You/The Kissin' Game [not on the original LP issue]


    [Ace Records UK remixed many of the Laurie recordings into stereo for the first time. This version of the Lovers Who Wander album does NOT include Little Diane]

    Ace UK CD # CDCH 943 (1991 & 1998)[UK release]

    songs: Lovers Who Wander (regular version)/Come Go With Me/King Without A Queen/So Long Friend (By The Way I Love You) [not on original LP issue]/The Twist/Mi Muchacha (Little Girl) [not on original LP issue]/Stagger Lee/Shout/Tonight, Tonight/(I Was) Born To Cry/Queen Of The Hop/Candy Man [not on original LP issue]/Sandy/Lost For Sure/The Wanderer [alternate; same as the version on CDCH 915]/My Private Joy*/Moon River/Ain't That Better Baby/Every Little Thing I Do*/We Went Away*/Come Take A Walk With Me*/In A Room/Lovers Who Wander [take 9, alternate]/Tag Along*/Crying/It Was Never Meant To Be*/Will You Love Me Still*/A Teenager in Love (alternate)*/That's How I Need You*/Baby What You Want Me To Do


    Ace UK CD # CDCH 966 (1991)[UK release]

    songs: I Wonder Why*/Teen Angel* [not on original issue LP]/Where Or When*/ You Better Not Do That*/Just You*/I Got The Blues*/Don't Pity Me*/A Teenager In Love*/ Wonderful Girl*/A Funny Feeling*/I've Cried Before*/That's My Desire*/ No One Knows*/I Can't Go On (Rosalie) [not on the original issue LP]*/[This is where the Runaround Sue album starts] Runaround Sue/Somebody Nobody Wants/Dream Lover/Life Is But A Dream/The Wanderer/ Runaway Girl/I'm Gonna Make It Somehow [not on original LP issue]/The Majestic/Could Somebody Take My Place Tonight [not on original LP issue]/Little Star/Lonely World/(I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Night [5 Satins' song]/Kansas City/Take Good Care Of My Baby

    BRONX BLUES: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965)

    Columbia/Legacy CD # CGK 46972 (1991) [anthology]

    Songs: Can't We Be Sweethearts/This Little Girl of Mine/Oh Happy Day/A Sunday Kind Of Love/Will Love Ever Come My Way/Gonna Make It Alone/Ruby Baby/This Little Girl/Flim Flam/Donna The Prima Donna [mix with very loud drums both times Dion sings "there goes our romance"]/Drip Drop/Troubled Mind/Sweet, Sweet Baby/Sweet Papa Di/Don't Start Me Talkin'/Spoonful/The Seventh Son/Kickin' Child [alt. version]/Two Ton Feather [alt. version] /Baby, I'm In The Mood For You


    Cema Special Markets CD # S21-56904 (1993)

    [Anthology of Laurie & Columbia Records hits. Available only at concerts]

    Songs: I Wonder Why*/No One Knows*/A Teenager In Love*/Where Or When*/That's My Desire*/Lonely Teenager/Runaround Sue/The Wanderer/The Majestic/Lover's Who Wander/(I Was) Born To Cry/Little Diane/Love Came To Me/Sandy/Come Go With Me/Ruby Baby/This Little Girl/Donna The Prima Donna/Drip Drop/Abraham, Martin And John


    Right Stuff (Capitol/EMI) CD # 27304 (1993)[reissue of the 1961 LP]

    songs: Runaround Sue/Somebody Nobody Wants/Dream Lover/Life Is But A Dream/The Wanderer/Runaway Girl/The Majestic/Little Star/Lonely World/(I'll Remember) In The Still of the Night [Five Satins' song]/Kansas City/Take Good Care of My Baby


    Right Stuff (Capitol/EMI) CD # 27305 (1993)[reissue of the 1962 LP]

    songs: Lovers Who Wander/Come Go With Me/King Without A Queen/The Twist/Little Diane/ Stagger Lee/Shout/Tonight Tonight/(I Was) Born To Cry/Queen Of The Hop/Sandy/Lost For Sure


    Right Stuff (Capitol/EMI) CD #29667 (1994) [reissue of the 1968 LP with a bonus track]

    songs: Abraham Martin & John/Purple Haze/Tomorrow Is A Long Time/Everybody's Talkin'/ Sonny Boy/ The Dolphins/He Looks A Lot Like Me/ Sun Fun Song/Both Sides Now/Sisters Of Mercy/Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever/bonus track: Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms)

    THE ROAD I'M ON: A Retrospective

    Columbia/Legacy CD#C2K64889 (1997) [anthology 1962-1966]

    [First time stereo & first time on an album for many of these songs recorded from '62 to '66]

    Songs: DISC ONE: Can't We Be Sweethearts/Ruby Baby/Will Love Ever Come My Way/This Little Girl of Mine/Sunday Kind Of Love/Gonna Make It Alone/This Little Girl/Fever/Donna The Prima Donna/Drip Drop/Baby Please Don't Go/900 Miles/Work Song/Chicago Blues/The Road I'm On (Gloria)/Ruby Baby [alt. version]/Donna La Prima Donna[Donna The Prima Donna in Italian]/

    DISC TWO: Too Much Monkey Business/I'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man/Katie Mae/You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover [March 12, 1964 recording]/Johnny B. Goode/ Spoonful/ Kickin' Child [single version]/Drop Down Baby/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Knowing I Won't Go Back There/My Love/Tomorrow Won't Bring The Rain/Time In My Heart For You/All I Want To Do Is Live My Life/I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound [original mix, without overdub used on single mix]/Two Ton Feather [single version]/Born To Cry [1996 version with The Little Kings]/You Move Me [studio version recorded in 1996 with The Little Kings]


    Ace UK CD # CDCHD 644 (1997) [anthology of 1980's contemporary Christian recordings][UK release]

    Songs: Center Of My Life/Still In The Spirit/I Put Away My Idols/The Truth Will Set You Free/New Jersey Wife/New Breed Of Man/Sweet Surrender/Healing/Train For Glory/I Believe (Sweet Lord Jesus)/Hymn To Him/Come To The Cross/He's The One/Simple Ironies/Daddy/Golden Sun Silver Moon/You Need A Love/Day Of The Lord


    Collectors Choice Music (EMI Music Special Markets) #CCM071-2 (1998)

    [Note: Capitol/EMI purchased Laurie Records in the 1990's.This album contains the complete Dion & the Belmonts Mohawk & Laurie recordings ]

    [many first time stereo recordings and alternate takes on this CD ]

    Songs: DISC ONE: The Chosen Few [Dion & The Timberlanes]/Out In Colorado [Dion & The Timberlanes]/We Went Away/Tag Along/Tag Along [alternate take]/Santa Margerita [The Belmonts]/Teenage Clementine [The Belmonts]/Studio Talk-Teen Angel session/Teen Angel/Studio Talk-I Wonder Why session/I Wonder Why/I Wonder Why [alternate take]/I Can't Go On (Rosalie)/No One Knows/Don't Pity Me/Just You/A Teenager In Love/A Teenager In Love [alternate take]/I've Cried Before/My Day/A Lover's Prayer/Every Little Thing I Do/Every Little Thing I Do [alternate take]/A Funny Feeling/I Got The Blues/That's My Desire/Wonderful Girl/You Better Not Do That/Where Or When/

    DISC TWO: When You Wish Upon A Star/In The Still Of The Night/September Song/Swinging On A Star/All The Things You Are/It's Only A Paper Moon/In Other Words/I'm Through With Love/When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along/My Private Joy/My Private Joy [alternate take]/Faith/Come Take A Walk With Me/That's How Much I Need You/It Was Never Meant To Be/It Was Never Meant To Be [underdub]/Will You Love Me Still/Such A Long Way [The Belmonts]/Such A Long Way [underdub][The Belmonts]/We Belong Together [The Belmonts]/We Belong Together [underdub][The Belmonts]/My Foolish Heart [The Belmonts]


    Right Stuff CD #07777-66718-2-6 (1999)

    [Note: same track listing as the 1992 CD release, with a slightly different cover. The 1999 reissue contains a decorated Christmas tree behind Dion and Jamie Colton playing guitar and sax on the cover. ]


    Sony Music Special Products # A 27984 (2000)

    [a budget CD with all of Dion' s Columbia A & B sides from 1963. Many of the songs on this album are slightly longer than previously released versions]

    songs: Drip Drop/This Little Girl/You're Mine/He'll Only Hurt You/Ruby Baby/No One's Waiting for Me/The Loneliest Man in the World/Be Careful of Stones That You Throw/I Can't Believe (That You Don't Love Me Anymore)/Donna the Prima Donna [with the Bronx Blues mix]


    (Columbia/Legacy) # CK 61454 (released August 22, 2000)

    songs: Ruby Baby/Drip Drop/This Little Girl/Donna The Prima Donna/Johnny B. Goode/Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw/Will Love Ever Come My Way/Sunday Kind Of Love/Unloved, Unwanted Me/I'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man

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