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compiled by Doug Schenker.

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    * = Dion & the Belmonts

    Note: From Runaround Sue to Drip Drop on every single (and many album cuts), except Be Careful of Stones That You Throw, the backing vocal group is the Del Satins. Columbia singles from Donna the Prima Donna to Unloved Unwanted Me list Dion as Dion DiMuci. [*= Dion & The Belmonts]


    The Chosen Few/Out in Colorado (2:28), Mohawk # (1957)

    The Chosen Few/Out in Colorado (2:03), Jubilee # 5294 (1957)


    We Went Away*/Tag Along*, Mohawk #107 (1957)

    I Wonder Why*/Teen Angel*, Laurie #3013 (1958)

    No One Knows*/I Can't Go On (Rosalie)*, Laurie #3015 (1958)

    Don't Pity Me*/Just You*, Laurie #3021 (1958)

    A Teenager In Love*/I've Cried Before*, Laurie #3027 (1959)

    Every Little Thing I Do*/A Lover's Prayer*, Laurie #3035 (1959)

    Where or When*/That's My Desire*, Laurie #3044 (1959) [charted in January 1960]

    When You Wish Upon A Star*/Wonderful Girl*, Laurie #3052 (1960)

    In The Still Of The Night*/A Funny Feeling*, Laurie #3059 (1960)


    Lonely Teenager/Little Miss Blue, Laurie #3070 (1960)

    Havin' Fun/Northeast End Of The Corner, Laurie #3081(1961)

    Kissin' Game/Heaven Help Me, Laurie #3090 (1961)

    Somebody Nobody Wants/Could Somebody Take My Place Tonight, Laurie #3101 (1961)

    Runaround Sue/Runaway Girl, Laurie #3110 (1961)

    The Wanderer/The Majestic, Laurie #3115 (1961)[charted into 1962]

    Lovers Who Wander/ (I Was) Born To Cry, Laurie #3123 (1962)

    Little Diane/Lost For Sure, Laurie #3134 (1962)

    Love Came To Me/Little Girl, Laurie #3145 (1962)

    Ruby Baby/He'll Only Hurt You, Columbia #42662 (1963)[orange label]

    Sandy/Faith(* b-side), Laurie #3153 (1963)

    This Little Girl/Loneliest Man In The World, Columbia #42776 (1963)[pink label with drawing of Dion]

    Come Go With Me/King Without A Queen, Laurie #3171 (1963)

    Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw/I Can't Believe..., Columbia #42810 (1963)[orange label]

    Lonely World/Tag Along (*b-side), Laurie #3187 (1963)

    Donna The Prima Donna/You're Mine, Columbia #42852 (1963) [yellow label]

    Drip Drop/No One's Waiting For Me, Columbia #42917 (1963) [green label]

    After The Dance/Then I'll Be Tired Of You, Laurie #3225 (1964)

    I'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man/The Road I'm On (Gloria), Columbia #42977 (1964) [yellow label]

    Shout/Little Girl, Laurie # 3240 (1964)

    Johnny B. Goode/Chicago Blues, Columbia # 43096 (1964)[red label]

    Unloved, Unwanted Me/Sweet, Sweet Baby, Columbia # 43213(1965)[red label]

    Spoonful/Kickin' Child, Columbia # 43293 (1965) [red label]

    (I Was) Born to Cry/I Got the Blues, Laurie #3303 (1965)

    Tomorrow Won't Bring The Rain/You Move Me Babe, Columbia #43423 (1965)

    Wake Up Baby/Time in My Heart For You, Columbia # 43483 (1965)

    Two Ton Feather/So Much Younger, Columbia #43692 (1966)

    [the above three singles list the artist as Dion & the Wanderers]


    My Girl The Month of May*/Berimbau*, ABC #45-10868 (1966)

    Movin' Man*/For Bobbie*, ABC #45-10896 (1967)


    Abraham Martin & John/Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms), Laurie #3464 (1968) .

    Purple Haze/The Dolphins, Laurie #3478 (1969)

    I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound/Southern Train, Columbia #44719 (1969).[A-side of above single by Dion & the Wanderers]

    Both Sides Now/Sun Fun Song, Laurie #3495 (1969)

    He Looks A Lot Like Me/Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever, Laurie #3504 (1969)

    Natural Man/If We Only Have Love, Warner Bros. #7356 (1969)

    Your Own Back Yard/Sit Down Old Friend, Warner Bros. #7401(1970)

    Close To It All/Let It Be, Warner Bros. #7469(1971)

    Josie/Sunniland, Warner Bros. #7491 (1971)

    Sanctuary/Brand New Morning, Warner Bros. #7537 (1971)

    Running Close Behind You/Sea Gull, Warner Bros. #7663 (1972)

    Doctor Rock and Roll (4:04)/Doctor Rock and Roll (2:26 single edit)(1973) Warner Bros promo single #7704 [the 4:04 version contains a lead guitar/scat singing section followed by a short additional verse]

    Doctor Rock and Roll/Sunshine Lady, Warner Bros. #7704 (1973)

    New York City Song/Richer Than A Rich Man, Warner Bros. # 7793 (1974)

    Make The Woman Love Me/Running Close Behind You [alt.],Warner/Spector # 403(1975)

    Born To Be With You [single edit]/Running CloseBehind You [alt.], Big Tree/Spector #BT16063 (1976)

    Baby, Let's Stick Together/New York City Song [UK single] Warner Bros. #2010018 (1976)

    The Way You Do The Things You Do/Lover Boy Supreme, Warner Bros. #8258 (1976)

    Queen of '59/Oh The Night, Warner Bros. #8293 (1976)

    Young Virgin Eyes (All Wrapped Up)/Oh The Night, Warner Bros. # 8406 (1977)

    Heart Of Saturday Night/You've Awakened Something In Me, Lifesong # 1765 (1978)

    Midtown American Mainstreet Gang/Guitar Queen, Lifesong #1770 (1978)

    Brooklyn Dodger/Streetheart Theme, Lifesong #1785 (1979)

    "Fire In The Night" / "Street Mama" - Lifesong - LS 45082 (1980)

    Sweet Surrender/Sweet Surrender, Dayspring # D-618 (1980)

    The Best/The Best, Dayspring # D-622 (1981)

    Day Of The Lord/Day Of The Lord, Dayspring # D-632 (1983)

    I Put Away My Idols/I Put Away My Idols, Dayspring #? (1983)

    Golden Sun Silver Moon/Golden Sun Silver Moon, Dayspring #? (1984)

    Simple Ironies/Simple Ironies (edited version), Dayspring #86 1986 S 12 #9016676155-DJ (1986).

    And The Night Stood Still/Tower of Love, Arista # ASI-9797(1989)

    Sea Cruise[from movie Adventures of Ford Fairlane] Elektra CD single #PRCD 8191-2 (1990)

    Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)/ Jingle Bell Rock, Right Stuff #s717651 (1993)

    Shu Bop (1999)[Released only to WCBS-FM Radio].

    There were also singles recorded in Italian [Perche T'amo (Italian version of He'll Only Hurt You) and Donna La Prima Donna] released in Italy in 1963.

    [I have very little information on Dion's contemporary Christian/gospel singles in the US. If anyone has any information on these, please contact me by e-mail at the address below]


    This discography was compiled by Doug Schenker. My goal is to be as accurate as possible. If you note any omissions or mistakes, please contact me at

    Special thanks to Ray Verno for going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks also to Mike Callahan ,Tony Picirrillo, Stephanie Jacobs, Bob Reynolds & Steve Islip for looking at their Dion collections and answering a lot of questions and providing great information, mostly about obscure singles and release dates. Also thanks to Gordon Watson of Yo Frankie Magazine for his international Dion discography which has Dion singles I didn't know existed. Also thanks to anyone I might have forgotten. This definitely involved teamwork.

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